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Please enquire with your budget and requirements for a full quote

Big Head cartoon portrait drawing

Big Head cartoon portrait drawings come in four standards and are priced accordingly. Each is full colour. Artists' quality materials and paper are used to standard A sizes. Please enquire for graphite pencil only price.

Bronze is a simple figure in costume holding something.

Silver is as bronze with three elements in the background.

Gold is a single figure in costume with six elements in the background.

Platinum is based on a single figure but in full action pose. The picture will feature a fully rendered background with everything you want to include in it - all bells and whistles!

Start prices for each size...


Traditional caricatures are not the same as Big Head portraits. With a caricature, one or several of the subject’s facial features are exaggerated. For groups please enquire for a quote. Line art caricatures make great 'colouring in' cards and gifts!


Cartoons are line art or full colour, on paper or digital funnies. Prices start at £25. Please enquire for quote.

multiple subjects/ montage on paper/ special paper

oil painting


Postal charges will be costed once the commission has been completed and applied to the final invoice.

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